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Target: A Culture/Leadership Victim, Not a Hacker Victim!

It is too bad the CEO didn’t say something like: we caught the problem and could have prevented the incident from happening, but we didn’t; everyone at Target needs to learn from this and be absolutely paranoid about any kind of problem and get the entire chain of command quickly pulled together to solve it.

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What We Can Learn from IDEO about Giving Directions

There have been several articles over the years on the topic of the pitfalls of leaders giving vague directions.   There are various reasons for this happening: sloppiness, lack of knowledge, being rushed, etc.   Whatever the reason, it can lead to surprises, disappointing outcomes, excessive cost and wasted time. An example I saw in the Harvard […]

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Trustworthy? How Can You Tell?

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, the topic of who you can trust was discussed.  The author began with an example of an individual at a consulting firm who was trying to land a big contract with a customer.  That contract was worth about $12 million but the customer indicated they could pay only […]

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How Strong Leaders Communicate

Back in the early 1990’s, the past CEO of Hughes Aircraft, Malcolm Currie, was about to retire. Hughes was a defense-focused company with a history of promoting top engineers and scientists. Employees were abuzz about who would be Currie’s successor.

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