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The Bad News – You Need to Know It!

The recent sequence of massive vehicle recalls by General Motors, started by the decade-old ignition switch flaw that was buried for more than a decade within the thick GM bureaucracy even though it is linked to a reported 13 death, highlights a key challenge for leaders. Specifically, how do you create a culture that causes bad news to quickly get reported and acted upon.

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Three Fundamental Elements of Driving Change

Back in 2002, Frank Nuovo was a talented technologist working in the R&D organization of Nokia. At the time, Nokia was the global leader of the cellphone industry. Nokia was also starting to sell smartphones, but they were very crude by today’s standards.

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Entrepreneur | Challenge Assumptions. Don’t Be Afraid of Taking a Different Tack.

Leaders need to realize that while it is easier to simply hold on to old assumptions, eventually that course of action can prove disastrous.

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The Danger of “Groupidity”

The problem with “groupidity” is that few people will have the nerve/courage to speak their mind in the face of group pressure. People who present concerning information or are critical are often characterized as having bad social skills or being loaners.

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