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The Path to Mediocrity: Pride and Protectiveness

A leader needs to create a culture that is tightly focused on finding new ideas and approaches and trying them out. Too often we see success causing people to believe they have finally figured things out and that the challenge now is to not mess it up; that is, they become very protective of the status quo.

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SmartBlog | Switch & Shift – Don’t respond defensively!

A couple of months ago, a Tesla owner in California plugged his Model S into an outlet in his garage to recharge it, only to realize shortly thereafter that his garage was on fire! The local Orange County Fire Authority isolated the problem to overheating of the Tesla adapter and the wall outlet that the adaptor […]

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Leadership Lessons from the Super Bowl

While I was watching the Seattle Seahawks thump the Denver Broncos, I was struck by how many times the announcers made the comment that many of the players on the very young Seahawk team were recent 6th or 7th round draft picks. They were amazed that these players seemed to be playing way above what their past “credentials” would suggest they would be able to do.

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A Lesson from IBM: He Who Hesitates Loses

To me, the most disappointing part of their Q4 report was that back at the end of the prior quarter (Q3 of 2013), IBM had reported a 17% drop in hardware sales and at that time the executives said they hoped that their hardware division would stabilize in the fourth quarter. It’s as if they don’t really understand the technological inflection point that the hardware industry is going through, as the world increasingly supports cloud computing and services.

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