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Learning from 2013′s CEO Train Wrecks

During 2013, there were two firings of CEO’s who were in their jobs less than two years.  The lesson from those two incidents is vividly clear.  Let’s take a look. After suffering basically flat results for several years, in November, 2011 JC Penney hired Ron Johnson from Apple as CEO.  Ron had been very successful […]

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Do Something Humans Rarely Do – Think!

Have you ever been on a long airline flight where you had plenty of quiet time and it ended up being very productive because you got to do some quality thinking about some key issues you have been putting off  or unable to work thru to completion?  I hear people commenting on this all the […]

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Learning from the Tough Guys!

Once a year at a prestigious hotel, H J Heinz, the catsup company, has held a Chairman’s Leadership Meeting, a get together of its top management team.  Several months ago, it held the 2013 event and 10 days before it was to happen, it was announced that Heinz was being acquired by Warren Buffett and […]

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Avoid Making Enemies; But Make the Decision!

One of the key attributes of a strong, courageous leader is the ability to get people to pursue an aggressive plan for improvement. In doing so, lots of dialogue takes place as the plan is developed, with particular emphasis on trying to make the dissenters understand the thinking, even though they may not agree.

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