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Why Are You So Reluctant to Give Positive Feedback?

Back to the original question: why are we so reluctant to give positive feedback? Back in 1990, Bass and Stogdill published “Handbook of Leadership” and briefly addressed this issue. They claimed it was typically due to one of the following reasons: discomfort in discussing either positive or negative feedback by the boss, a lack of skill in assessing performance, doubts about the efficacy of positive reinforcement, poor performance appraisal practices in the organization they are a part of, or time pressure.

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Needed: Manager, Leader…or Both?

The tendency to try to control everybody discourages leadership. There is virtually no exciting vision of moving ahead via the kind of innovation and motivation that are typically necessary in a truly competitive environment. The absence of such leadership usually generates performance problems, which often only increase in size with the application of still more management.

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A Lesson from Blockbuster: Observe Then Act – Even A Kid Can Do It!

Blockbuster opened their first store in 1985, renting movies for VHS tape players. They experienced explosive growth as consumers had a very inexpensive (compared to going to a theater) and convenient (in the comfort of their home) way to watch a movie.

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5 Traits of a “Good” Job?

When I was at Microsoft in the 1990’s, we did an annual employee survey that was a very valuable tool in understanding numerous personnel issues.  To generate valid readings, you need broad participation in such a survey. We achieved 100% participation by administering the survey online.  The system kept the respondent’s identity confidential, but importantly, […]

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