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The Mental State of “Earning”

Naturally, strong leaders are working hard continuously to make sure their people and organizations are in the mental state of Earning. An Earning environment requires realistic opportunities to achieve and realistic requirements to do so. It requires parameters of achievement so there’s pressure to perform and some certainly when you have performed. It requires accurate matching of requirements to ability so that you’re right more often than you are wrong.

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Is Paranoia a Requirement for Success?

Back in 2006-2008, I was an avid Blackberry user.  At that time, when you went to a business meeting, it was not unusual to see most of the people around the table being slaves to their Blackberry, trying to catch the latest email.  On the other hand, during that period virtually every Blackberry user knew […]

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Change and Fear: Inseparable?

Anytime there is significant change in an organization, it can have a very unsettling effect. Examples of the kind of change I am talking about are major staff reductions, reorganizing to better meet the needs of the marketplace, new technologies that cause some jobs to disappear and others to massively change, or new bosses who you know will have different value systems and want to reconfigure things.

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Innovation: A Group Effort?

While leaders can never be certain that their company’s ability to bring new ideas to the marketplace is totally wired into the culture and would be effective even without them, it is important that each leader have total commitment to honing each employee’s skills to continually challenge the status quo.

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Are You a “Deer in Headlights?”

It is a physiological fact that if a deer is standing in the dark by the side of a road and a car’s headlights shine on it, the deer is blinded momentarily and they freeze. The funny thing is, it happens not only to deer but to companies and to people. Psychologists define the commonly used phrase ”deer in the headlights” as “a state of indecision caused by surprise, anxiety, fear, and confusion.”

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