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Consensus Decision Making’s Latest Victim

As appeared on Tweak Your Biz… The Economist magazine recently noted that while dotcom mania was slow in coming to higher education, it now has the industry firmly in its grip.  Since the launch last year of Udacity and Coursera, two Silicon Valley startups offering free college level courses called MOOCs (massive open online courses), […]

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When Facing Change, Don’t Delay the Pain

One of the more interesting tasks I faced during my business career was in 1997 when I was the COO at Microsoft and it was becoming very clear that the internet was for real and that someday people would no longer be buying software on CD’s. They would be downloading software off the internet and totally eliminating the need for packaged software; i.e., a box containing CD’s and a manual.

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A Leadership Lesson from Blackberry: You Can’t Fool the Troops

People want to follow an honest and objective leader. The most frequent place where leaders have an opportunity to display such honesty and objectivity is when they provide an overall assessment of the current situation. Much of a leader’s job is to try new things and to refine the ideas that don’t work. However, many leaders want to avoid failure to the extent that they don’t admit when something did not work or they don’t properly summarize the state of affairs because they believe it reflects badly on the organization or on them.

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Required: A Sense of Urgency!

Strong leaders don’t take satisfaction from being the leader; they take it from their confidence in their ability to constantly find ways to do better.

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Does Zynga Have Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen?

At Zynga, maybe Mark Pincus and Don Mattrick, the new CEO, have worked things out so they know who is responsible for what. But with Pincus as the Chief Product Officer, the Zynga changes don’t seem to make sense.

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