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Former Enron Exec Is a Living Lesson in Ethics

The Webster definition of ethics is “conforming to accepted standards of conduct; moral, and principled.” A fascinating event occurred recently at the annual meeting of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners in Las Vegas. One of their keynote speakers was Andy Fastow, the convicted Enron CFO who finished his five year prison term in 2011. The Association management and Fastow made it clear that he was not being paid for his appearance.

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5 Ways to Spot Top Talent

Talent is everything. Getting the right people in the right place solves a lot of problems. All of us need to constantly put focus on this task of selecting personnel.

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Like It or Not, Change is Here to Stay

I remember vividly in 1997 being at a fishing lodge just outside of Sitka, Alaska when one of our group pulled out a big, boxy phone made by Motorola and marched out to the shoreline to get good reception from the satellite and was capable of making a phone call.  We were all amazed.  Today […]

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Beware: The Words & Pictures Need to Match the Facts!

Reading about Apple’s recent World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) and the dramatic presentations, delivered in classic, high-profile “Steve Jobs” mode, really didn’t match up with the relatively modest product improvements that were being introduced; which were primarily reasonable upgrades to their existing lines.

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