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Communications – Too Often Ignored!

The United States Army regularly holds a Command and General Staff College and the most recent one included about 760 mid-career Majors and Lieutenant Colonels. They did a leadership survey with the participants and it uncovered some very interesting issues; the biggest of which centered on communications.

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Competitive Advantage – It’s Not Just Product!

The airline business is mature and super competitive, and the big players are consolidating (the latest being American and US Airways). What do you think the chances are for a relatively new U.S. airline that achieved the following characteristics in 2012?

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Career Advice: Always Be Lean and Agile

Why is it that typically the only time you see managers realize that they are fat and slow is when they are in deep trouble financially?

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“Change Everything But Your Wife and Children!”

All of this momentum is being driven by one man; Chairman Lee Kun Hee. He is absolutely obsessed with the need for constant change and innovation. For example, about 50,000 Samsung employees receive training each year at Samsung’s Creativity Institute 45 minutes south of Seoul, Korea.

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