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Sam Walton Would Be in a Rage!

In a recent Businessweek article about Walmart titled “What Good are Low Prices If the Shelves are Empty,” it describes all the complaints emerging because customers are finding Wal-Mart out of stock on many of the kinds of products that people buy regularly. The article cites the core problem as being the fact that “Walmart has been cutting staff since the recession and pallets of merchandise are piling up in its stockrooms as shelves go unfilled” due to inadequate staffing.

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Public Admonishment? Beware!

Her public admonishment was quickly followed by removing the leader of the hardware division. It is very rare to see such a public chastisement, and led to the industry press being filled with comments about the appropriateness of her moves.

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The Secret to Finding Strong Leaders

My wife and I operate a foundation where we give college scholarships to high school seniors who will be majoring in engineering, science or math. In interviewing a perspective recipient recently I was struck by how clear it was that she has real leadership potential.

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No One-Trick Ponies Please!

Net, Nokia seems incapable of doing two things at once; keeping the low end phone business growing while aggressively trying to catch up in smartphones. What is the problem here? Basically when a leader has two efforts that deserve major attention.

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Working for Wimps? Bolt!

Having fun in business, and making career progress, is all about driving things that make a difference, and being part of an organization that strives to continually improve. Don’t get bogged down with a bunch of wimps!

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