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Killing Projects – A Problem for Humans!

Discontinuing a project, product, or service requires much more energy to achieve than most people realize. The reason is that it is somewhat counter to human nature.

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Beating Apple: The Importance of Speed

In mid-September, 2012 when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, was on stage in San Francisco introducing the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy team was huddled with its ad agency listening to the presentation, tracking each new feature and watching real-time comments on blogs and social media sites.

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Super Busy, But Getting Nowhere!

I recently met with the leaders of a company that, for the past three years, have been working to improve its operating profit margins. The leader was very proud of its 14% improvement over that three year period, going from 8.0% to 9.1%.

When I asked to understand the details, the leader reviewed with me a large spreadsheet which summarized over 40 different initiatives, each with a leader named and a description of the opportunity, the idea being pursed, target savings, target completion dates, and current progress assessment.

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Fast Company – Why Trying To Apple-fy Your Brand Won’t Work

As JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson has discovered, trying to force a brand into an Apple-shaped mold doesn’t ensure success. Rule #1 in trying to generate a successful business is to realize you need a unique and appealing benefit for the customer. Ideally, the benefit is supported by a sustainable advantage that delivers superior value versus […]

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