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Are You a Spastic Leader?

So…what was the result of all this chaotic behavior? Netflix stock price went from a high of $300 back in July of 2011 to the mid sixty dollar range in late October, 2012. More importantly, reliable vendors such as Amazon stepped in and aggressively took advantage of the shaken confidence of Netflix users.

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Don’t Miss an Inflection Point

Newsweek was launched in 1933 and by the mid-1990’s was at its peak. Then readers and advertisers started their exodus to the internet in the late 1990’s and the speed of that transition has continued to increase. Between 2005 and today, Newsweek circulation dropped from 3 million to 1.5 million and advertising pages dropped 80%.

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From Decapitated Dolls to Sotheby’s: Alice Cooper’s Lesson in Leadership

You probably imagine those two worlds would never have anything in common! Wrong! Meet Neal Smith. He was the drummer in the Alice Cooper group. While performing throughout Alice Cooper’s decade-plus of fame, Smith was dabbling in real estate and he soon realized that he really enjoyed it. When the band split up in the late 70’s, Smith decided to make real estate his primary focus. Before long, he earned his license to sell real estate and from that point on it has been his total focus.

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Want to Get Promoted? Forget It!

The executive in charge indicated that while wages were a factor as well as the availability of young engineers, another key reason was that young engineers from the USA too often don’t want to work for several years in manufacturing facilities, taking on numerous different engineering responsibilities. Such initial assignments are typically used by companies since they are a great way to learn how engineering is practiced in industry and to learn the company and its products. He pointed out that typically in Asia, young engineers are very enthusiastic about such work. Unfortunately, in the U.S. quite often young engineers view such initial assignments as beneath them. They believe they are already qualified to step into big responsibilities.

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Status Quo VS. Change: A Delicate Balancing Act

There is always the case for change. To stay ahead of competition you need continual improvement and innovation which imply change. We know that markets and technologies are constantly evolving and improving, resulting in the necessity for change. Lastly, people need to grow and mature, and change provides great opportunities for personal growth.

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