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Are You a Cold Prickly Boss?

If you are working for such a boss, make several attempts to voice your concerns. If it doesn’t work, start looking around for a new job inside the company or outside. Face reality; you are working for a jerk!

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Following Political Correctness Out the Window!

In my estimation, this university is smothering its students with political correctness. They are failing to make it clear that without aggressive, innovative strategies that clearly move you ahead of your competition, I will guarantee you the organization is going to be in for disappointment.

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Netflix Is Proof That Surprises Damage Reputations

When another person confronts you with information that is vastly different from what you would have assumed from previous interactions, it really causes you to begin to question the overall objectivity and forthrightness of the other person. This is very career damaging when it happens in a work setting. If you are sugar-coating bad news to your boss and then suddenly you realize you have to unveil the truth, I will guarantee you your stock has gone down permanently with that individual and it will hurt your reputation.

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Wasting Too Much Time on Vision?

I have seen organizations take a horrendous amount of time involving hordes of people trying to figure out a vision for the future. Often they hire consultants and go through extensive exercises that end up costing the organization lots of money and tons of time. Even worse, they end up with some voluminous document with many complicated action steps.

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What is a Quality Job? Do You Have One?

In excessively-layered organizations, it is typical that most of the bosses are simply trying to make sure that no mistakes are being made; that is, they are protecting the status quo. They are just “checking” that things are being done as usual; they are actually “doing” nothing. In this case, they are protecting a business model that was not working.

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