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The Habitually Procrastinating Boss

Bosses who are super slow in making decisions create delays and uncertainty and it is a huge detriment to progress. One thing a leader needs to understand is how paralyzing it can be to sit on proposals and not make decisions.

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Google’s Vulnerability: Fuzzy Business Models?

So what’s the learning here? Focusing on THE next big area of opportunity (not four or so of them), and making sure that it will have a significant profit and customer impact, is what gutsy leaders do. Unfortunately, getting lulled into managing a whole bunch of different things, each with fuzzy potential, is the trap that business leaders often fall into, especially successful ones!

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Nokia, A Lesson in How to Ruin Your Credibility!

The learning is very clear: always be totally objective. As a leader, your people are listening carefully to everything you say and are in a good position to judge its accuracy and tone. If you are off the mark, you will quickly lose a most valuable trait; your credibility.

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Needed: Terminators!

Naturally, I felt very weird eliminating my own job; clearly I would no longer be needed. On the other hand, I had confidence that when the phasing out was completed, and the savings realized, my management would find something for me to do, and that was the case.

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