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Are You a Comfortable Frog?

We all know the story of the frog in the pot of water; you put the pot on the stove, turn the burner on, and the frog just comfortably swims around. Since the temperature rises gradually, the frog doesn’t notice and it peacefully passes away. No jumping out of the pot.

I think the board and management of New York Times, Inc.(NYT) have been behaving just like the frog!

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Stop Confusing…Start Achieving!

Employees hunger to know where the organization is trying to go. In general, they want to help. It requires the leader to make choices and to publically lead the charge.

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Is AOL Doomed?

In a nutshell, AOL is searching for a reason for being. There are many aging AOL services, like instant messaging. Currently AOL is excited about their service called, a local news website. Estimates are that AOL is losing $500million on it annually, but remain optimistic; surprising given that the websites of local tv and radio stations do a pretty good job on local news!

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Obesity…A Big Organizational Problem!

When organizations get fat, they get slow. All those new people find things to do, and often you start to see duplication of resources and turf battles and plenty of new projects that sap management focus from the important things. More and more time is spent in meetings and answering all the email and phone messages from folks who are trying to be relevant.

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