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Two Missing Ingredients at J. P. Morgan Chase

Too little too late? Clearly. Insiders at the bank indicated he had been giving the investment banking part of the business very little attention since they had been generating good profits on a regular basis.

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Blaming Others and Forming Committees…Tools for Wimps!

In business, people who exhibit such behavior are fairly easily spotted by not only the troops, but also by the bosses. Eventually it catches up with them. Sometimes it takes a while, but in most cases, it does.

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Beware of an Old People Culture!

Today, I have a guest post at thoughtLEADERS. Thanks to Mike Figliuolo for featuring me on his outstanding blog. The stories we’ve been reading these past few weeks about Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s new CEO, and the challenges of reversing a 10+ year slide are downright sad – but not entirely surprising. For a long time […]

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Refusing to Face Reality: Are You Guilty?

The business world is full of similar examples of company’s unwilling to face reality and get out ahead of a trend. Why? It is human nature. Once a person gets settled in a rhythm, they have a very difficult time convincing themselves that there is a better way to do things.

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When Social Responsibility Turns Bad!

Courageous leaders know that companies exist to serve shareholders while also being good corporate citizens. They don’t allow social responsibility projects to get out of control and punish shareholders, but they also don’t allow social responsibility to be ignored.

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