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Pepsi Ignores Rule #1

The most fundamental rule of business is to appropriately support and grow the going business, while you independently pursue new initiatives to drive the business further. The second activity should not get in the way of the first. Pepsi violated this rule big time by massively under-supporting it’s beverage business over the past few years. It is reported that PepsiCo needs to spend $580 million more on beverage marketing support in 2012 to be competitive.

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Trustworthiness – Don’t Lose It!

There is nothing a leader should fear more than not being trusted. Lack of trust makes leading impossible. How do you lose people’s trust? Easy…you lie, exaggerate the positive and downplay the negative, blame others when problems are your responsibility, and most importantly, you don’t deliver what you promise. Given that list, it is easy to see why Washington DC is not trusted.

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Jedi Wisdom – May the Focus Be With You!

In business, what is important is getting things done. In pursuing that simply notion, too often we are not clear about the real goal, or even worse, we have several. Lots of things are going on and everyone complains about being busy but in the end, the status quo remains. Strong leaders know how to focus; they make it vividly clear what the goal is and what final achievement of that goal looks like.

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Smartphone = Dumbphone?

Successful leaders have laser-like focus on priorities. Ongoing responsibilities are carried out as efficiently as possible, leaving time to focus on the one or two change efforts designed to significantly improve things. To achieve this, you can’t be a slave to gadgets.

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