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Everybody is Listening – Be Careful!

If you are managing an organization, be it small or large, you need to realize that what you say is listened to more carefully than you think. Hence, you better be objective. Also, any communication is an opportunity to create enthusiasm for your vision and the plans for achieving it.

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Get On the Offense!

Great leaders set the expectation that the organization will do exciting things and execute with excellence.

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Experience – A Dangerous Asset?

The recent announcement that RIM, the parent company of the BlackBerry, was lowering the price of its tablet, called the PlayBook, to $199 is a clear indication that the company is beginning to realize how late it was to the tablet market and how pedestrian the product is.

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Greedy Vs. Humble: The Implications

Nobody is irreplaceable – we may think our contributions are huge, but there are a lot of talented people out there.

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