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Face Reality and Do Something!

He was bemoaning the fact that Amazon has lowered the prices of books beyond his ability to match them, and now they are locking up big authors and will exclusively offer their books in paper or digital formats, depending on the customer’s preference. He lamented: “They’re bullies. They really are. I think they really want to be a monopoly.”

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Tell The Organization What To Create!

Too often we back off from giving the organization specific direction. That’s a recipe for maintaining the status quo, not generating significant results.

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The Insecure Boss – Unfortunate!

Have you ever been around a manager who wants to take credit for everything and avoid any kind of blame? Frankly, it’s a disgusting thing to watch. What such individuals don’t realize is that it is one of the easiest things for employees to spot and it is also one of the most devastating behaviors in terms of ruining an individual’s reputation and trust levels.

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