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Beware of Family/Friends!

A recent article discussed Martha Steward Living Omnimedia and cited the fact that the company lost $185 million over the last eight years when Martha herself was the CEO. In only one of those eight years was the company profitable. It went on to explain that the core problem seemed to be that she surrounded herself with family members and “yes-men.”

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Are You a Fear Generator?

If you are working for one of these fear generators, try politely telling the person how you are feeling. Use specific examples to make the situation as clear as possible. You may need to do this two or three times before you get through. If you never get through and things simply get worse, you owe it to yourself and to your mental health to look elsewhere within the company, or outside, for a job that will be more fun.

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Excess Bosses – A Real Drag!

With two Chief Executives and two Chief Operating Officers, RIM is the epitome of a top heavy company. You’ve seen the consequences over the past few years: frustratingly slow innovation, shrinking market share in its core North American market, the lack of a new smartphone in nearly a year, and a half-baked tablet panned by critics.

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