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Hello!! Is Anybody In Charge Here?

A recent Fortune article describes how Steve Jobs and Apple use the concept of a “directly responsible individual,” referred to as the DRI within Apple. With every project, there is one specific person, the DRI, who is totally responsible for its success or failure.

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On Top of Your Job? Beware!

How can intelligent, experienced individuals in a company like IBM be so short-sighted? The same kind of thing went on at General Motors for the past three decades. The press constantly reported that their cars were boring and that their manufacturing costs were about $1,500 per car higher than their Japanese competitors. General Motors did nothing in response, leading to their recent bankruptcy.

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Stop the Endless Analyzing…Do Something!

Thoroughness is a virtue that eventually turns into a vice. Too many managers, when faced with tough decisions, will endlessly search for additional facts or points of view. Meanwhile, the troops are waiting for direction!

The reality is that not everything can be measured. Sometimes you have to trust your instincts and sleep well knowing you did your best with the information you had at hand.

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China vs. America: Which Is the Developing Country?

From new roads to wise leadership, sound financials and five-year plans, Beijing has the winning approach.

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Crisis = Disaster?

Which company’s stock grew the most in 2010: the iPad/iPhone-powered innovation machine Apple or the yellow bulldozer maker Caterpillar?

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