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You Get What You Ask For!

One common mistake made by managers with subordinates is they are not clear on specifically what they want to have the subordinate do. Such foggy directions usually lead to foggy results. Both parties are going to be disappointed.

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Why Wait For a Disaster?

A courageous leader pushes and achieves Siemens-like change without a gun-to-the-head crisis! On an on-going basis, it is up to the leader to analyze the current situation, look for the problems and opportunities, and then select the highest impact issue to be tackled. He or she then regularly communicates with the organization regarding the change, as well as the mechanism for constantly seeking input, watching the implementation and making course corrections.
Gutsy leaders work hard to constantly create the excitement of being part of an organization that is tackling the future with gusto.

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Committees – Ugh!

These committees split their focus across the existing product lines and more than 30 new product initiatives.

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