Speaking Engagements

Bob has extensive experience as a speaker at the following types of events:

  • Business gatherings
  • Industry association meetings
  • Executive education sessions
  • Political groups
  • Non-profit organizations

The topic areas of focus include:

  • Business leadership
  • Operational effectiveness
  • U.S. competetiveness

Clients include:

  • Delta Airlines
  • Deutsche Bank
  • PepsiCo
  • United Overseas Bank – Singapore
  • Odebrecht – Brazil


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Bob's Leadership Blog

Bob regularly writes blog posts and articles with his areas of focus being business leadership, organizational effectiveness, and U.S. competitiveness. Below you will find his most recent efforts. To read these, please click on the following links.

How to Avoid Being a Dictator or a Doormat!

Tesla Motors seems to constantly be in the news for a whole variety of usually negative reasons. The latest is the resignation of their CFO which caught everyone by surprise. A few months prior it was the resignation/firing of the head of Tesla’s Chinese business.

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Learning From the Turnaround Wizards!

You don’t find many examples of major companies who find themselves in a negative spiral and then a new leader is able to turn the situation around and put it on a winning track. This is an interesting topic, because we can learn valuable lessons from the small number of successes that there are.

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McDonald’s: A Lesson in Flawed Communications

The past 2-3 years have been a nightmare for McDonald’s, the giant fast-food chain. Same store sales versus year ago have suffered consistently. Most experts attribute it to a very fundamental issue; namely, boring food.

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The Seven Deadly Traps Leaders Need to Avoid

Much has been and continues to be written on the challenges of leadership. I was recently in the international terminal of the Los Angeles airport where there is a sizable book store and was noticing the virtual blizzard of new business books dealing with the topic of leadership.

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Creating Rapport with an Organization

A few years ago a faculty member at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School published a paper describing how he and his colleagues incorporated military leadership principles into the MBA curriculum. One example that stuck with me after reading the article underscored the importance of creating a personal link with people in your organization and how it pays off when leading people through a major change.

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Exploiting Innovation – If You Want To!

KP is a healthcare organization that operates a large network of hospitals and physicians. Over the years they have had a very successful internal innovation team charged with developing/finding bright ideas and implementing them. For example, that team designed a clever system for reducing medication errors and importantly, implemented it in all KP hospitals and it has been enormously successful. Many hospitals have copied that system.

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A Leaders Primary Responsibility: Generating Significant Advantage

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been struck by the similarity between the situations that Yahoo and IBM are in. Both are madly scrambling to figure out where to go from here.

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How to Deal with Egotistical Rising Stars

These days just about all organizations of some size have some sort of a program to identify and nurture their rising stars. This makes a ton of sense, since the high achievers can have a very significant impact on business results.

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How to Achieve Peak Performance!

A couple of years ago a management research firm did a massive survey of almost 100,000 people employed worldwide and surprisingly almost a third cited “burnout” as a problem they were experiencing.

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Avoiding the Damaging Effects of Envy

A few years ago a couple of behavioral science researchers published some work focused on the damaging effects of envy. An example they used in explaining their learnings involved a west coast salad buffet chain called Fresh Choice. While fairly successful, the management of Fresh Choice took serious notice of a restaurant chain called Zoppa, which had very creative menu items and stores with lively and energetic décor and atmosphere. After studying the organization they went ahead and acquired it.

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